Le 6 Paul Bert, Paris, France

Excellent coverage of Le 6 Paul Bert by David Lebovitz here. I made a reservation at the bar a few days beforehand. The menu of 4 courses at the chef’s whim cost 44€. I got a dry white Sauvignon (Touraine, Le Brin de Chèvre) to pair with the seafood.

  • Charcuterie, cheese puff
  • Marinated mackerel (cold) with salad, artichoke(?), green sauce
  • Brill with bamboo slice, zucchini, yellow squash, green apple purée, foam
  • Lamb chops with fig, beetroot, burnt leaves, a really good sauce that I couldn’t identify
  • Peach slices, beer sorbet, thin candied film that also tasted like beer

The quality of the wine really is the most outstanding thing about dining in France. The wine was quite dry, very good. I really like pairing a glass of (good) wine with a meal now.

Everything tasted clean, light, delicious. This is quintessential “simple” French cooking. The ingredients do all the talking and the result is phenomenal. An instant favorite, highly recommended.


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