Clamato, Paris, France

Open 12pm-11pm on the weekend, no reservations. I arrived early before noon on Sunday to make sure I got a seat. It only gets fully packed around 1pm, so any time before that should be no problem. This is a seafood small plates restaurant, same owner as Septime.

2015-09-27 12.13.27

Unfortunately their razor clams, scallops, and calamari (which were on the menu posted in the window-front) were not on today’s menu. I got marinated sardines with fresh parsley and raw cream; warm mussels with citron confit, sea astereggplant, soup of seaweed, onion. The sardines were very good — I usually find parsley bitter but this was fresh enough that it was acceptable. The raw cream went really well with the parsley and fish. The mussels were in shell in a bowl with the soup, which was seasoned very well. Good food, but I would have preferred something less “hands on”. The eggplant was pretty good, with both solid and “caviar”-style eggplant.

I prefer their cold seafood. The other warm dishes were a croquette (fried breaded) black cod and a whole fish also fried. These are less appealing to me than the cold dishes. Their oysters looked really good but expensive for one person to eat 4-6. I also got a really crisp natural Chardonnay. The difference between this and yesterday’s dry Sauvignon was noticeable. 2015-09-27 12.20.58


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